zenLost In Da Sauce/ Kuya – Lost In Da Sauce

One of the most versatile artists to ever come out of West Palm Beach, Alex Rich better known by his stage name “Yungkuya” is making his mark on not only his city, but the whole region of South Florida as well. He has a unique way of blending a southern rapping style with vocals that rival that of rapper/singer, Drake, one of his biggest influences. His other inspirations include Bryson Tiller, Pryde, and Roy Woods. His hit singles “Lost in the Sauce” and “I Don’t Know” have spread like wildfire among many fans across South Florida, and have even captured the attention of some local producers and other artists. He does most of his recordings at OnBeat Studios, but even when he is unable to get to the studio, he is still able to record his revolutionary music in a mini studio he has set up in his house. Yungkuya’s sound is a refreshing twist to the norm of South Florida, and his success could be the key to putting West Palm Beach on the map, opening the door for many young artists that come after him.


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